By Peter Gleason

Shady McCoy is pissed that he is going to be spending his next few falls in Buffalo instead of Philly.

Both Alonso and McCoy were just about fed up with their current teams.

It’s not clear what Alonso’s problem in Buffalo was, or even if he went so far as to demand a trade, but McCoy’s disgruntlement was no secret. He’s scheduled to carry a cap hit of $12 million next year, after a season of slight decline. He’s about to turn 27, which tends to be the precipice of running backs’ effectiveness. Everyone expected the Eagles to attempt to restructure his deal, but as of two days ago, they hadn’t even brought it up with him.

Now we know Philly never had intentions of keeping McCoy. He was on the trading block on the whole time—an extraordinarily well-kept secret, as far as these things go.

It’s that same contract that could provide the next headache for the Bills. McCoy has two years and just $1 million guaranteed left, an untenable situation for a back who is still ostensibly in his prime. McCoy wants an extension, and he wants guaranteed money, and he will want it before he arrives to camp. His beef with Philly’s front office is now beef with Buffalo’s.

Some of that is already emerging, but it’s taking a more PR-friendly form: general dissatisfaction with being traded to the Bills. “A source close to LeSean McCoy” told ESPN’s Josina Anderson of the back, “of course he’s not happy” going to Buffalo, which is associated with “cold and losing games.”

The source on how McCoy is feeling at the moment:

“Honestly, he’s frustrated…It’s alright. It’s the league. I told him that. I guess he just never experienced that, but he was like ‘why me.'”

The source said he thinks McCoy is “not going to make it easy, that’s for sure.”

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