By Ben Sullivan

Well, Deflategate sure knocked former Eagles running back Shady McCoy’s implication that Chip Kelly is a racist out of the water!

Watch today.

Shady might now claim that Ted Wells is a racist because his report overtook the publicity that McCoy’s bogus claims were getting.

Oh, sorry, I forgot. Ted Wells is also black.

McCoy asserted in ESPN the Magazine that Kelly got rid of “all the good black players” the “fastest” since becoming the coach of the Eagles.

Not everyone jettisoned by Kelly this offseason shares McCoy’s viewpoint.

Longtime Eagles guard Todd Herremans, who is white and now plays for the Colts, was released before the Eagles traded McCoy (and signed DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews to fill his spot in the backfield) and was asked by a Twitter follower if he thought Kelly was a racist.

“I feel he is equally racist to all races … which I guess would make him … not racist,” Herremans wrote.

Last month, McCoy suggested that Kelly got rid of him and other players because he doesn’t like or respect star players. McCoy may not consider Herremans (or Nick Foles or other white players dispatched from Philly in the last few years) to be a star, but the sum total of Kelly’s moves suggest that skin color isn’t the determining factor of who stays or goes.

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