By Peter Gleason

When Howie Boy Roseman made it untenable for Ryan Grigson to continue as Eagles’ player personnel director in May 2012, little did either know that:

• Grigson would get a job with a great franchise, the Indianapolis Colts, as general manager; and

• He would play a critical role in the faux scandal known as Deflategate during the AFC title game between the Colts and New England Patriots.

Ryan GrigsonOn this month’s edition of Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports, NFL EVP of football operations and former Eagle Troy Vincent revealed Grigson (left) was the one who kickstarted the Deflategate controversy.

The following transcript is from the interview and Vincent makes it quite clear Grigson brought the issue of deflated footballs to the league’s attention.

Of particular interest? Vincent points out the league was notified about the issue “sometime during the second quarter,” meaning there was no pre-planned sting from the league.

Arman Keteyian: Let’s talk Deflategate for just– a couple of minutes,” Keteyian said. “I realize that its under investigation at the moment but how did the league first learn that the balls may have been deflated?”

Troy Vincent: “Sometime during the second quarter it was brought to our attention that there may be– a ball that– that may be under– under compliance.”

Keteyian: “Who brought it to the league’s attention?”

Vincent: “It was the ge– general manager of the Indianapolis Colts.”

Keteyian: “The general manager? Do you know how he found out?”

Vincent: “We were told on the sideline that there potentially could be– a ball that was out of compliance.

Keteyian: “So that was the driving force to check the balls at half time?”

Vincent: “Yes, sir. That started everything.”

Keteyian: “So you’re saying sometime during the second quarter, the general manager of the Colts –“

Vincent: “Ryan Grigson.”

Keteyian: “Ryan Grigson– spoke to someone in the league and said, ‘We’ve got some concerns about the balls’?”

Vincent: “Yes, sir.”

Also of interest is where Keteyian asks about Roger Goodell’s knowledge of the issue.

Keteyian: “And at that point in time, the decision was made to check all the balls of the Patriots at halftime.”

Vincent: “Both teams.”

Keteyian: “Both teams?”

Vincent: “Yes sir.”

Keteyian: “Commissioner Goodell said he wasn’t sure what the procedures were regarding checking the balls at half-time or not. I — I found that answer hard to believe.”

Vincent: “‘Cause he’s not involved.”

Keteyian: “How can he not be involved? I mean, all he’s gotta do is ask Dean Blandino, who’s the head of officiating, ‘Is it standard operating procedure for– us to check the balls at half-time’?”

Vincent: “So again, what I would say, Ted Wells is havin’ an ind– doin’ an independent investigation. We hope that the Wells report will allow us to make an informed decision about the New England Patriots.”

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