By Art Beitchman

It’s amusing that so many NBA fans out there are saying how bored they are seeing the champion Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers matching up for the fourth consecutive year to play for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Both are simply the best teams in the Association after 100 plus games including the playoffs — what’s the beef?

These playoffs have been so competitive it’s the first time since the 1979 season that both conference finals went to 7 games in the same year.

The Cavs had to battle the Celtics tooth and nail through every game, needing and getting another herculean game 7 from Lebron James to lift his Cavs to a frantic 4th quarter serge and finally putting away the pesky Celtics in the closing minutes to reach the NBA Finals one more time —an amazing feat in anybody’s book!

The Warriors-Rockets Western Conference finals were also a battle to the death. Both teams missed key players, Chris Paul for the last two games for the Rockets, Andre Iguodala multiple games with a knee bruise, no problem for the Dubs. Game 7 was another blood bath that could have gone either way until the 4th quarter. Suddenly the Rockets stop hitting their 3 pointers, meanwhile Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant proved one more time why they are the cream of the NBA crop with a barrage of three point shots, defense, rebounding when it counted the most, with a trip to the NBA Finals on the line.

So spare me the fake outrage at this match-up one more time.

Both teams deserve to be playing for the championship once again after winning tough 7th games on the road.

Dubs in 5!

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