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By Michael Grimm

Eagles third-year wide receiver JJ Arcega-Whiteside got no targets or catches in Sunday’s 32-6 win at Atlanta.

But coach Nick Sirianni liked his blocking.

“I thought did an excellent job of blocking,” Sirianni said yesterday. “He was aggressive. He was able to make some plays, kind of sprang out there for extra yards.”

Sirianni referenced three blocks, in particular, the first two were to Quez Watkins to begin the game, the other was a run by quarterback Jalen Hurts when Arcega-Whiteside “pinned the safety.”

“The message to the receivers is, ‘Hey when that ball gets out on the perimeter, you never know when that’s going to happen, so you have to be blocking your tails off every single time,’” Sirianni said. “Because when that ball gets on the perimeter and you do your job, we can turn a 10-yard run into a 20-yard run or 30-yard run or 40-yard run or whatever it may be.

“And I saw J.J. do that very well and very efficiently. And we didn’t just throw him out there to do that because we didn’t have a feel that he was going to do that. He’s been showing that to us every single day in practice.”

“He’ll be rewarded with catches from that,” said the coach. “I know he wasn’t (Sunday), but we’re going to have to marry things together so he’s getting some touches off that, as well. So we have that threat to run and pass it. But I thought he did a great job.”