With a list of retirement dates that exceed his list of achievements, Conor McGregor is set to make his return to the UFC on January 23, according to Betway Sports.

He retired from the UFC in June 2020 (having previously retired in both 2016, and 2019), and the world of UFC is eager to see him enter the cage again.

McGregor’s latest retirement came on the back of his fallout with Dana White after McGregor leaked private messages, and his frustrations with how things were being run during the Covid-19 pandemic: of course, a worldwide lockdown had no right to interfere with the arranging of McGregor’s fights.

McGregor’s return is good news for Dana White and all at the UFC: a recent valuation of around $9 billion is no doubt, in some small way, down to the likes of McGregor and the crowd that he can draw. For McGregor, he has the title on his mind: having lost this to Khabib, the new champ has since retired himself, leaving the title vacant. McGregor’s upcoming fight with Dustin Poirier is not a title clash, but what can we expect when these two enter the cage later this month?

McGregor vs. Poirier

It was back in 2014 that this pair first met. After the build-up to the event, it was somewhat anti-climactic: over in just 1 minute and 14 seconds with McGregor taking the win. That is not to say that we are set for a repeat this time around.

McGregor may have big plans, but whether he is fight ready is another matter. He has fought only twice since 2016, with one of those fights seeing him stripped of his title. His last fight saw him beat Cerrone convincingly within 40 seconds, but this was now a year ago. There’s no dispute that McGregor will be in shape, but a year out of the cage will make his return challenging.

Despite McGregor’s victory over Poirier the first time around, Poirier will be no easy ride. With 33 fights and 26 wins to his name, Poirier will cause McGregor some serious problems when they enter the cage.

Why this fight matters

For McGregor, perhaps this is the opportunity for another retirement party, but for the UFC the return of McGregor is much bigger. Losing two greats to retirement, McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov may steady the UFC ship in terms of wage savings, but the fan base for these two is enormous: having them back in the cage would see a welcome boost in revenue.


Khabib has hinted at a return too, according to Dana White. Khabib wants to see something special from McGregor to convince him to return to the UFC. Could this see Khabib and McGregor enter the cage together again? Khabib has stated that McGregor must earn the right for a rematch by winning 10 fights in a row. A tall order and no doubt all part of the drama that is the UFC: ultimately Dana White will decide if these two will meet again, once he has had chance to check the purse strings.



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