By Jenny Masters

So, the Flyers missed making the playoffs again even though the new management raised hopes for a “New Era of Orange.”

And yesterday, they whined about their attendance!

From a business standpoint, boss Dan Hilferty mentioned that season-ticket renewals were somewhere between 92 and 95 percent, which he called “a good number.”

He indicated he was pleased with the way suite and sponsorship sales were trending, too, without mentioning any dollar figures or breaking out any presentations.

But what Hilferty wants most of all is to see a capacity crowd of orange and black sweaters at Wells Fargo Center for games that, at least in the Flyers’ heyday, tended to have the most meaning. Recent Flyers-Rangers games, to use the most glaring example, have provided an influx of visiting fans in their broadway blues. Ticket prices to see one of the best teams in the NHL in recent years are typically cheaper on the secondary market in Philadelphia than in Manhattan.

“I long for a day that people are so excited that not a Rangers fan can get a ticket at a (Flyers) home game at the Wells Fargo Center,” Hilferty said.

“We’re not there yet, but we are seeing more enthusiasm when we talk to people.”

Of course, nothing would build enthusiasm more than a consistently winning brand of hockey. And that, Jones reiterated, could still be a few years away, despite an overachieving and entertaining 2023-24 Flyers squad playing 82 games of meaningful hockey.

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