By Steve Kelly

With Wednesday night’s 7-0 blowout in the rear view, most Flyers were upbeat yesterday about tonight’s game 2 against the Pens:


“It’s not a time to panic. We’ve been through a lot this year and been through some adversity. It’s no different right now. We just have to regroup and get better.”


“Back in the day it was a weird playoff series. A lot of goals scored, but at the end of the day you have to have a short-term memory and learn from everything you did out there and be better. As tough as that was last night, it’s a playoff series, it’s the first to four wins and you have seven games to do it. If you win or you lose you have to put it right behind you and focus on your next game and next opportunity.”


“I think it’s more about us getting to play the way we’re capable of playing. I don’t think last night was indicative of that at all. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day, it’s one game. It’s not going to be about who scores the most goals in the series. It’s whoever wins four the fastest. That’s Game 1. Now we move onto Game 2 and be prepared.”


“We need to be better and we will be better tomorrow… What’s the score in the series? 1-0. You know if we win tomorrow it’s going to be 1-1, so it doesn’t matter if you won 7-0 or lost 7-0 or you won 3-2 in overtime. You just have to get one win [Friday] so we just have to come out strong [Friday].”


“It’s part of being a pro. Some guys can’t turn it off, but you need to learn and be able to shut it off. We’ve all talked about it. We talked about it right after the game. [To] let it go… I think the reset button was pushed right away. We went back, had a good meal, good rest and everyone was ready to regroup.”


“Post-season is a little bit different, I guess. First, I am not ready to talk about any lineup decisions for tomorrow as of yet, regardless of what our combinations were today in practice. We may or may not make lineup changes as we go into tomorrow’s game. It isn’t about that. Today’s practice was more about getting focused in on a couple of areas we wanted to clean up and be sharper in terms of our execution.”

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