By Teddy Brenner

It was obvious to anyone with eyes that the Flyers just weren’t good enough this season, and that’s why they failed miserably to make the playoffs.

Stevie Wonder could see that!

The local lame-ass media fed the line all year that they were unlucky.

Or that COVID-19 was to blame.

Or the shortened 56-game season.

As if the pandemic and the truncated season was only their issue instead of the entire league’s.

This guy from The Hockey Writers bought the Flyers management whining excuse, hook, line and stinker:

The Philadelphia Flyers‘ 2020-21 season was full of up and down moments that ultimately ended in disappointment.

After expectations were set high at the beginning of the season, they failed to meet the height of that bar.

Injury troubles plagued the team from the beginning of the season, but they found a way to get things done at the start. Finding a way to win games has always been part of the Flyers’ motto, but this season was just different.

The narrative of the “next man up” mentality was supposed to power the team to success in a time of need, but that didn’t happen down the line. Unfortunately, the odds were already stacked against the team heading into the season with COVID-19 and a 56-game schedule against tough division opponents. At the end of the day, they just could not get things done from start to finish, as it seemed like the slump never ended and success did not come easily.

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