The Philly media are so far into the pocket of the Flyers’ front office that they often cannot see the forest for the trees.

So, fills a real void. To wit:

While discussing Evander Kane‘s oft-noted uncertain future with the Winnipeg Jets, TSN’s Bob McKenzie provided an interesting nugget: the Philadelphia Flyers came “close” to landing the talented winger.

McKenzie didn’t provide any details regarding who (or what set of assets) the Flyers dangled in this alleged near-trade for Kane, which makes the mind wander even more since offensive firepower is maybe the sole unanimous strength of this Philly team. Would such a hypothetical trade meant a swap for one of Philly’s talented forwards? Perhaps Kane’s name came up when the Flyers decided that they needed to get rid of Scott Hartnell‘s contract?

It all seems odd, except it does fit the Flyers restless need to shake things up from year to year, even if still-new GM Ron Hextall is apparently quite a bit more interested in stability over annual 180’s.

Setting aside the perplexing particulars, the 23-year-old would make some sense in a Flyers uniform.

He’s willing to throw his body around and drop the gloves; just consider his boxing-inspired name. Kane combines dazzling offensive potential with that rugged side. Oh yeah, he also makes his fair share of headlines via social media (which might be a double-edged sword in a market like Philly).

If nothing else, it’s a fun scenario to imagine … and maybe a situation people will revisit if Kane’s isn’t happy in Winnipeg.

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