By Jenny Masters

The Flyers have had a terrible season in 2020-21.

The only saving grace is that the season is almost over and soon heads will roll.

Here’s what The Athletic’s Sean McIndoe thinks:

Positive thought No. 1: I figured this would be the hardest entry to write, but luckily for me, Charlie O’Connor basically covered this ground on the weekend. He came up with five positives, which almost feels like showing off, but I’ll flag a couple that caught my eye. For one, there’s been some good news on the prospect front, and with a high pick coming in, the pipeline will be in better shape this summer than it was a year ago. And that’s good because after this year, they’ll need it.

Positive thought No. 2: James van Riemsdyk looked good again, posting his best season since returning to the Flyers. After the first two years of his UFA deal, he was trending towards lost-cause status, so a turnaround at 31 is an unexpected and potentially important plot twist.

Positive thought No. 3: Carter Hart made my job a lot easier in the prediction contest. No? Not positive enough? OK, how about the fact that (as Charlie points out), his nightmare season will probably lead to a more manageable second contract. If you still believe in the kid — and I think you should — then that’s kind of good news, as long as you don’t think about it too much.

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