By Jenny Masters

The Flyers won’t admit it, but they are cleaning house, trying to tee up talent and other assets hoping that 2022-23 will erase the memory of this dumpster fire of a season.

And Captain Claude Giroux’s agent is scouting for trade prospects:

“What’s going on right now is that, first of all, there have not been serious trade discussions yet on the Claude Giroux front – still lots of time,” Pierre LeBrun said on TSN’s “Insider Trading”segment Tuesday night.

“But Pat Brisson, the agent for Giroux, has the clearance to talk to teams directly and start to put together a shortlist, which, of course, he’ll do with Claude Giroux, if he’s willing to be dealt over the next few weeks.

“And then that shortlist goes to Chuck Fletcher and Chuck Fletcher has something to work with. Not just one team, but a shortlist of teams so the Flyers can get a decent deal out of this closer to March 21st.

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