If you read the “reporting” by Flyers butt boys in the Philly media you would think the orange and black are serious contenders for the coaching services of Mike Babcock (above), who says he will announce his decision by May 20, two days from now.

But this column from the Detroit Free Press seems to fly in the face of the conventional wisdom:

It’s believed that only Toronto and Buffalo submitted the necessary compensation paperwork to the league. The Wings demanded a third-round pick within the next three years for any team that signs Babcock. The Wings remain a better option than the Leafs and Sabres, but that doesn’t mean they’re any closer to seriously contending for a Stanley Cup in the immediate future.

It’s still stunning that Pittsburgh showed no interest in Babcock, considering Sidney Crosby’s vast organizational influence and that the Penguins have the impactful stars Babcock seeks in Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, who are under 30. Boston apparently balked as well after missing the playoffs.

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