Eric Lindros, who was limited to 760 games and whose closest encounter with the Stanley Cup came in 1997 when his Flyers were swept by the Detroit Red Wings in the final, was the best player in the world for a period of at least three years. Should it be enough to get him in the Hall of Fame? Many believe it should. His career and that of Hall of Famer Cam Neely are almost mirror images, with the exception that as good as Neely was, he was never considered the best player in the game at any time during his career. In terms of the combination of pure power and skill, Lindros is without peer in the history of the game.

When talk of the Hall of Fame comes up, Lindros chooses his words carefully. He knows it’s out of his control, but he also knows he can’t go and pump gas into his car during the month of November, when the Hall inducts its newest members, without someone mentioning it. Next year, with no clear-cut first-time candidates, would be an ideal time to get him in. When asked, Lindros stares into space, puts his hands to his lips and lowers his voice.

“I know what I did,” he says.

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