By Peter Gleason

So, Joe Banner correctly picked the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks to make the Super Bowl, and he’s crowing!?

The Pats and Hawks were the chalk, Joe, so what’s the big deal?

The Eagles’ former president is so pathetically in need of some attention that he uses Twitter to show the world how smart he is.

Not smart enough, though, to avoid being fired by the Birds and the Cleveland Browns.

The question is:

Who would possibly take a chance again on this guy to lead an NFL team?

Banner was known as something of a cap master during his tenure as the Eagles president. But nobody knew of his ridiculous prognosticating abilities back then.

Many Eagles fans who are addicted to Twitter are likely aware that the former CEO of the Cleveland Browns has developed into a must-follow on the social networking site, dropping random bits of football knowledge whenever he pleases.

Banner predicted a New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl matchup, that the Chicago Bears would disappoint, and that Jim Harbaugh would not be with the San Francisco 49ers in 2015.

CSNPhilly.com columnist Reuben Frank asked Banner about the impressive predictions.

“I guess I should have gone to Vegas,” Banner responded.

According to preseason odds listed over at CBS, neither team were a huge longshot to win the Super Bowl: the Patriots at 8-1 and Seahawks at 9-1.

Still, place a couple bucks on each of those, short the Bears and the Niners on win totals and you’ve likely got a nice little pay day.

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