By Mary Cunningham

In case you have been so overwhelmed by the 24/7 coverage of Eagles training camp, there is another NFL story going on up New York that might interest you.

Namely, the federal lawsuit pitting the NFL against the New England Patriots and pretty boy quarterback Tom Brady in Deflategate.

And, as usual, no one has a better take on this stuff than Charles Pierce, writing on Grantland.com:

Woody Allen once remarked that August is the month in which psychiatrists customarily go on vacation. “Every summer,” he pointed out, “New York is full of people who are crazy until Labor Day.” The same, it seems, holds for the federal court system. Submitted for your approval: one Richard Berman, presiding judge in a federal district court in Manhattan. To Berman’s eternal misfortune, he has been handed the ongoing burlesque pitting the National Football League and its commissioner against the New England Patriots and their quarterback regarding the inflation of the footballs in last year’s AFC Championship Game. To his eternal credit, however, Berman already sounds pretty fed up with the whole business.

“While this litigation is ongoing, it is appropriate (and helpful) for all counsel and all parties to this case to tone down their rhetoric,” Berman wrote. “The earth is already sufficiently scorched.”

Translation: “I didn’t spend three years in law school to preside over this bucket of manure. Get your act together, the both of you.”

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