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They investigated him for potential game-fixing while he was with the Sixers and Los Angeles Lakers from 1966-1969, with informants claiming that Chamberlain threw games.

Informants also claimed that Chamberlain only bet on his own team, and always to win, which is the complete opposite of throwing games to affect the betting outcome.

With such wildly conflicting claims, it’s no surprise that the FBI found zero evidence that Chamberlain ever threw a game or even bet on basketball at all while he was a player.

The FBI file, originally obtained by the Philadelphia Daily News in 2000, contains around 24 documents that feature mostly rumors, innuendo, and secondhand reports. Chamberlain’s family and friends backed up his innocence when they spoke to the Associated Press in 2000.

“He was just way too honest to do that,” Chamberlain’s younger sister, Barbara Lewis, said.

Vince Miller, a lifelong friend of Chamberlain’s who was his roommate in the late 1960s, told the AP that while Wilt loved to gamble, he never knew him to gamble on basketball.

If you’re not convinced yet that the FBI’s investigation was most likely a witch hunt for their own purposes, this piece of info should help:

At no point did the FBI share any of their investigation with the NBA. Former NBA senior vice president Brian McIntyre told the AP that the NBA was completely unaware of any investigation and had no information about claims that Chamberlain had allegedly been gambling on basketball.

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