Says Jim Bowden of The Athletic:

If the Phillies don’t make the playoffs, Matt Klentak is expected to be let go early this week; if they do earn a postseason berth, the Phillies will probably need to get past the wild card series to save his job.

The team made several solid moves under his leadership, such as signing free agents Bryce Harper and Zack Wheeler, but both of those acquisitions could be credited more to owner John Middleton playing checkbook baseball.

Klentak’s most important trade was the acquisition of the game’s best catcher, J.T. Realmuto, although his failure to sign him to a long-term contract almost negates the value of the deal, considering he gave up a package that included future pitching ace Sixto Sánchez.

And while Klentak continually tried to improve the bullpen, he could not assemble a competitive unit – the Phillies are the only team in baseball with a bullpen ERA north of 7.00.