By Sally Fahey

So, Molly Sullivan was let go last week by NBS Sports Philly as its Sixers sideline reporter, and ever since we have been subjected to a nonstop series of tweets, tears and too-bads.


You would think Sullivan were special counsel Robert Mueller for all the media mewling.

She was a sideline reporter.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Which means her job was to impart the info that the Sixers fed to her and she fed it to us.

But, instead of dusting herself off, picking herself up and getting on with her young life, she is on a self-pity tour, and here’s what she told Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch on his podcast:

“So, I think it’s deceptively simple, yet endlessly complicated. You can put 24 seconds on the clock. That’s truly how long it took to tell me I was no longer necessary. So I walked into my executive producer’s office and I immediately knew – we’re talking family at the beginning – but I knew something was up, which was odd, because I had called the meeting, as we do every offseason, we look ahead, we think of things – ‘how can I better help the broadcast?’ What can I do this offseason to stay connected to the team and to the city? That’s what I assumed.. (audio cuts out briefly)…

He said that the network has decided to streamline their coverage. He mentioned that at one time during my six years in Philadelphia that they had three people doing one job, a little ironic there because I think all sideline reporters, at least in the NBA, who are close friends in every city, we all crave to be part of a more substantial conversation. It’s not about face time; it’s about being given more of the conversation because we are granted so much access. That’s the thing that perhaps stung the most, because I always wanted more responsibility and never got it. You could go in a number of different directions as to why. But I know better than to argue with the boss, and I thanked him. I recall saying that I was more than a sideline reporter, because that was essentially the message I was given. I shook his hand and I left. It was less than five minutes and it was a complete curve ball, to say the very least.”

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