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Reid has won more games as a head coach without winning a Super Bowl than any coach in NFL history, and he will finally get a second chance to win a ring.

He lost in his first try, in 2004, with the Eagles, and failed in five of his six previous conference championship games, including last year in Kansas City.

Those losses have trailed him; the big-game flubs or clock management mistakes were a cloud hung over his otherwise legendary career, fairly or not.

He’s won 207 regular-season games, and the six men with more wins all have held that Lombardi trophy. His record in championship games, now 2-5, belied his years of offensive genius and consistent success.

The Chiefs wanted to win the AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans for some redemption from last year’s loss to the Patriots, to avenge a loss earlier this season to the Titans and reassert that they’re the AFC’s best offense and have the NFL’s best quarterback.

But mostly, they wanted to win for Reid.

And now that they’ve done it, with a 35-24 win against the Titans, after rallying from a 17-7 second-quarter deficit, they want to give Big Red his Super Bowl championship.


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