By Jack Ryan

The clock is ticking on the arrest warrant for former Eagle running back Shady McCoy after his bar brawl with off-duty cops in Old City last weekend.

And, judging by the Buffalo media, McCoy’s time with the Bills may also be up.

Here is what the Toronto Sun opined today:

There are some things authorities might shrug at and lose in the paperwork (wink-wink) but the assault of two off-duty cops in Philadelphia isn’t likely to be one of them. So, McCoy is expected to face charges in connection with a brawl at a club. The results of a police investigation have been sent to the District Attorney’s office, recommending criminal charges, including aggravated assault.

Where this leaves McCoy with the Bills — who haven’t commented — remains to be seen.

McCoy was a central figure in the Bills’ rushing attack, with 895 yards and five touchdowns. But he’s also paid $16 million, more than any running back in the league, and he’s carrying a reputation for a blighted attitude.

OK, we’re not talking Manzielian proportions, and the Bills have been known to be a halfway house for questionable characters, but McCoy may be close to turning into more trouble than he’s worth — for financial, ethical and practical reasons.

It’s not as if the Bills don’t have alternatives. Karlos Williams averaged 5.6 yards last year, more actually than McCoy’s 4.4 yards per carry.

Controversy has been McCoy’s sidekick since the Bills acquired him last spring. The trade left McCoy in a snit. He called his former head coach Chip Kelly a racist, which seemed extreme, impulsive and just wrong.

Then there was the going-away party he decided to give himself — the one that included women having to sign an agreement they wouldn’t disclose the goings-on. Unseemly, and just wrong.

The event never happened. Which probably saved everybody some lawyer’s fees.

It wasn’t the first hint of lady worries. Somewhere in his murky past there’s a woman who claimed he dumped water on her head and tossed her off a bus.

McCoy goes by the nickname Shady! And, it fits.

You figure it out.

The question now: how are the Bills going to spin the latest character meltdown?

Prepare for management and the legal beagles to prevaricate. Expect the usual pleas of innocence, or self-defence. And while video seems to show McCoy threw at least one punch, someone will suggest that a picture does not always tell a thousand words of truth.


The end game is that McCoy should have walked away. Since he didn’t, the Bills should.

Too many immature players believe they are entitled; believe the rules of life don’t apply to them. And until NFL teams start showing some moral rectitude, police blotters will continue to look like NFL roster sheets.


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