By Max Harper

Ray Didinger retired from WIP in May, and returned Wednesday to comment on this Eagles team, which you might want to pay attention to because he is a Hall of Fame member!

“As someone who has been around the block more than once or twice, I am always cautiously optimistic,” Didinger told James Seltzer and Jon Ritchie.

Every year the expectations are super high, it ends in disappointment. The really good years are years that—I don’t want to say come out of nowhere—but come as a bit of a surprise. And expectations this year are higher that I can remember them being anytime since Super Bowl. And it’s not unfounded. I think the roster is significantly better than it was last season, but you still have to go out and play.

“I think the team is a good team,” he continued. “I’m not going to go over the moon and say they are going to go to the Super Bowl, necessarily, but I think that they are going to be better than they were last year and right now, to me at least, they look like the best team in the NFC East.”

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