By Peter Gleason

The Eagles got a life last night when the dreaded Cowboys coughed it up in Chicago to fall to 6-7, a half-game ahead of the Eagles.

Now Philly has to beat the 2-10 New York Giants on “Monday Night Football.”

And coach Doug Pederson calls it a must-win situation:

“[W]e’re in a must-win situation,” Pederson said yesterday. “We know that. It really started last week and really coming out of the bye if you want to think about it going back a few weeks.”

The Birds have been on a slump since their bye week, losing to the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and Dolphins.

If the Eagles were to lose a game, they could kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

Pederson knows he has to stay on the course.

“For me, I have to stay the course,” Pederson said. “I have to stay transparent and have to stay as honest as I can with the team. The integrity, talk about the character of the team and all that with them and say, ‘Listen, guys, we’re in that must-win situation right now.’ . . . Everybody is on board, everybody on the same page. That’s the one thing that I appreciate about these guys.”