By Harry Allison

If you are an Eagles fan and are still hoping against hope that stellar guard Evan Mathis — who is under contract at $5.5 million per and has alienated management because he wants more —will return to the Eagles and actually play for them in 2015, here’s what ESPN sage Adam Caplan said on the Fanatic the other day:

“The Eagles, as far as they are concerned, this player, Evan Mathis, has three years left on his contract, so they don’t need to do anything. They’re not going to do anything to his contract from what I understand. I certainly understand both sides here. From the Eagles standpoint, you have a player, although still very solid in Evan Mathis, he turns 34 in November. Had he been maybe 28, 29, even 30, you may consider what he’s looking for. But it’s hard to find a scenario when you’re the Eagles to give someone more money at that age…

I think from Evan’s standpoint, I clearly understand what he’s looking at. He’s not looking for a lot more money, not very much at all. A slight pay increase is my understanding, and incentives in his contract if he makes the Pro Bowl, which I think is fair to me. If he would hit them, obviously he would be rewarded, but of course the team would be because if he makes the Pro Bowl everyone’s happy.

But, the fact of the matter is, nothing that I know of is on the horizon here, and I’ve been asked repeatedly about his future, and I would say I would be pessimistic, clearly, for him to be on the (Eagles) this fall.”

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