By Peter Gleason

The Knicks were a great story all year.

Jalen Brunson’s emergence as a superstar, along with fellow Nova/Knicks Josh Hart and Donte DiVincenzo made for great theater.

They got clipped by injuries, just like all NBA teams do come playoff time.

But on Sunday, ESPN embarrassed itself in its coverage of game 7 between the Knicks and Pacers:

On Sunday, from start to finish, ESPN turned its production of Game 7 of the Pacers-New York Knicks series into a Knicks home broadcast by showing “First Take” host Stephen A. Smith walking into the arena as if he were a player and then having him deliver a Knicks pregame pep talk.

During the game, Mike Breen and company focused too much on the Knicks and not enough on the all-time shooting performance by the Pacers.

After ESPN showed the best of itself Friday with its Scottie Scheffler arrest coverage, the contrast of Sunday’s NBA performance was embarrassing.

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