By Harry Allison

You’ve got to hand it to multi-media jerk Howard Eskin.

Last night, after Caitlyn Jenner was given the Arthur Ashe award for courage at the ESPYs, Eskin went off and ripped ESPN and Jenner.

Then, two hours ago he had a change of heart.

Way to stick your wet finger in the wind, Howard!

Read his tweets:

  1. I was insensitive. I personally apologize to Caitlin Jenner and anyone else I hurt with my offensive and inexcusable remarks last night.

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  2. Bruce Jenner was selected 2 win Award because ESPY’s switched 2 ABC and needed the ratings for the show. Embarrassed name of Arthur Ashe

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  3. Insulting that #espn selects “Bruce” Jenner to win Arthur Ashe Courage Award w all the stories they have done on kids in sports w cancer