By Peter Gleason

Okay, Zach Ertz, who do you like, Sam Bradford or Carson Wentz at QB?

Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews said the team is only thinking about “right now,” an opinion that tight end Ertz also expressed when talking about QB Sam Bradford.

“Whoever our first-string quarterback against Cleveland is, is who we will put all our chips on the table for,” Ertz said. “I’m not going to go run routes any less for Sam or Carson [Wentz] because I’m worried about the future of this team. I’m worried about winning games. You look at it from an organization standpoint. We don’t even have a first-round pick next year. So we’re not focused on the future.”

NFL front offices have to look at the bigger picture when building a team and that means making decisions today that may not pay off for some time. Players have a different charge, however, because they know that their chances of being around some time down the road aren’t good if they aren’t playing well and winning games in the present.

Beyond that, players who have been on the Eagles in the last couple of years know that plans have a way of changing quickly in the NFL and that all you can control is how you prepare and play in the present. As a result, it’s hard to believe anyone will be playing at less than full speed with Bradford in the lineup for however long Bradford is in the lineup.

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