By Mary Cunningham

Is it possible new Eagles’ receivers coach Mike Groh can fix the problems that Nelson Agholor has had the first two years in Philly?

“It goes back to basics. You don’t pick up where you left off, you have to start over,” Groh said Friday. “With him, it’s going back to basics. Nelson is a first round pick and has first round talent. It goes back to drill work and things that we are focusing on and the way that we train them to simulate a game in everything that we do.”

“I’m pleased with the spring that he had. He attacked the spring and showed up to have an impact on virtually every practice,” Groh explained. “Confidence is a result of demonstrated performance. The more positive results that he has in practice, that will elevate his confidence.”

“Coach Groh is a great dude. I like him a lot because of his attention to detail,” Agholor said last week. “You have to train situations that you’ll be in. It’s one thing to catch off the jugs, but that’s not the same as coming out of a curl or an out and catching a contested ball. You have to train game like situations.”

Groh feels Agholor has a unique skill set that allows him to be a dangerous weapon anywhere on the field.

“There aren’t a lot of slot receivers that can go outside and have success. With his speed and athleticism, he can function at a high level outside, and he looked comfortable inside,” Groh said. “He’s not really the classic or stereotypical slot receiver, but he has instincts in the middle of the field.

“He has short-area quickness to allow him to get open against tight coverage. He also has burst and acceleration to get away from defenders. He has a unique skill set.”


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