By Tom Brennan

Today is Day Whatever of the Carson Wentz Trade Watch.

What seemed like a ridiculous long shot a week and a half ago has become a foregone conclusion.

And it has also become the biggest failure in sports management judgment since the Cincy Reds traded MVP Frank Robinson to the Baltimore Orioles 55 years ago.

Memo to Eagles: Wentz will probably have a great career somewhere else just as Robinson did, winning the MVP for the Orioles before going to the Hall of Fame.

Though Indianapolis is the odds-on favorite to be Wentz’s next team, if this really comes down to a showdown between the Bears and Colts, Chicago is the likely winner.

The Colts general manager Chris Ballard made a run at Matt Stafford, but drew a line in the sand and wasn’t willing to cross it — he wouldn’t have offered nearly as much as the Rams eventually did.

The Colts aren’t likely to get into a bidding war, and will resist overpaying despite it being a quarterback. It’s by no means “Wentz or bust.” A report Saturday that the Eagles were asking for two first-round picks likely led to Ballard hanging up the phone.

Though dealing picks isn’t the norm for Ballard, Bears GM Ryan Pace has previously shown a willingness to mortgage future draft picks as well as salary cap space for big transactional swings.

The Eagles may have floated the immediacy of a Wentz trade either to drive up the price or push the Colts to make an offer closer to Chicago’s. There’s also the conference angle. Sending Wentz to the AFC would be preferable.

Should the Eagles trade Wentz, the birds QB position becomes intriguing, with 2020 draft pick Jalen Hurts being the default option.


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