By Lewis Gould

The Eagles show up next Monday for their first drills of the 2019 offseason, and coach Doug Pederson has some changes in mind.

“Yeah, you’ve got to find creative ways to motivate,” Pederson told the Inky.

“I think you’ve got to find creative ways to utilize your time in the spring so it doesn’t get mundane and monotonous; we’re doing the same thing over. So there’s going to be a couple changes. Not major things, but some things with the schedule that we’re going to do a little differently.”

Like letting the offense use the weight room while the defense is in meetings and vice versa are small details, for sure.

But he wants to mix it up since he has a group of people who already know him. He has 18 players who have been there throughout his time with the Eagles, and 32 players who were on the Super Bowl team in 2017 (including Vinny Curry who left and came back.)

“I’m exploring some ways to really maximize our OTA practices, those 10 practices we get, and really dive into more situations,” Pederson said. “I started two years ago with that, got a little better last year. But I want to really dive into the situational stuff in OTAs, prepare our players for those opportunities in games. Those are all things I’m looking at moving forward.”

Those are little things, and honestly first-world problems. Most coaches would love to have a roster so consistent and deep that keeping the schedule fresh is a concern.

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