By Annie Ross

The NFL schedule was released on Thursday and, don;t you know, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, the Waffle King, is living up to his nickname.

“I think if the Eagles have a good draft and they protect (Sam) Bradford (above) and he is what he was drafted to be, the Eagles could win 12,” King said on the Eagles Live podcast with Dave Spadaro. “Of course, if that doesn’t happen they could also win seven, so that’s what this division is.”

On the same day that the schedule was released, the Los Angeles Rams pulled off a stunning trade moving up from No. 15 to No. 1 overall. The Eagles sit at No. 8 for the first round which commences on April 28. King said that the Eagles should take the player who is going to help the most this year.

“If I were to pick a player or pick a position group for the Eagles, I would pick the best offensive lineman available or I would pick a deep threat even though you don’t want to take a receiver in the first round a year after you take (Nelson) Agholor in the first round,” King said. “I still think there’s one thing Howie Roseman didn’t do that he wished he would have done in the early days of free agency and that is to get a field-stretcher on offense because that’s what Sam Bradford right now still needs.”

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