By Peter Gleason

It’s been almost two months since ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that quarterback Carson Wentz wanted a trade from the Eagles, which had benched him because of his terrible play.

Schefter is the best-wired reporter about the NFL in the country, and yet he was criticized by every lame-ass media outlet in Philly for (1) reporting something that was so obvious it wasn’t worth reporting or (2) being dead wrong.

So far, Wentz hasn’t uttered a word about the report, which we suspect had been leaked by his agent or someone posing as his agent.

No matter.

Schefter elaborated on Wentz today on the John Kincade Show on 97.5 The Fanatic:

The show brought up that silence with the ESPN insider, who took it another step further.

Schefter: “[Wentz’s silence] That tells you something.”

Kincade: “It does. It tells me that the leader of the franchise, the guy that’s supposed to be the face of the franchise, somehow is disconnected from the franchise.”

Schefter: “And wants to leave the franchise. OK, and that’s why the trade still is in play. Again, people wondering where did this stuff come from at the end of the year, was it made … this is all real. None of this is made up. And just because he would like to be moved or hasn’t commented, it doesn’t mean he will be.

“If I had to guess, I would guess he is traded. That would be my guess, OK, at some point this offseason. But again they’re not going to trade him just … they’re not looking to trade him.”

However, Schefter did specify that the Eagles would want lots of compensation for Wentz, guessing it would take at least a first-round pick.

“They’re not going to trade him unless they get back fair value,” Schefter said. “And what I would say is, the issue there is that the Eagles will want strong compensation for a guy that a few years ago could have won the MVP. They will want strong compensation. And let me say this: They will listen. They will absolutely listen.

“And if a team makes the right offer, there will be a trade that will be made. But if a team doesn’t make the right offer, I think that they’ll be open to bringing him back and having him compete in camp with Jalen Hurts. To me, it could go either way.”

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