By Peter Gleason

There have always been doubts about the Eagles’ choice of Doug Pederson to run the show as head coach.

Primarily because he has never been a head man before, and also because even as the Chiefs’ O-boss he didn’t call the plays!

But what about his judgment, especially in his public utterances?

During a recent interview with the Philly Voice, Pederson said that rookie quarterback Carson Wentz — whom the Eagles traded five picks for — will likely be inactive in Week 1, which means the quarterback will be watching the game in street clothes.

“Typically, the third quarterback is down,” Pederson said. “It’s hard right now to look down the road, but if we had to play this week, Carson would be down. He’d be the third quarterback. He’d be deactivated. That’s probably the direction we’re heading, I would think is going that route. Obviously barring injury and, as you know, how this game is, but typically the third quarterback, whoever that is, is down on game day.”

If Wentz is out, that means that Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel will go in as the No. 1 and No. 2 quarterbacks for the Eagles’ opener against the Browns.

From a financial standpoint, Pederson’s decision makes sense. Not only did the Eagles just re-sign Bradford to a two-year, $36 million deal, but they also made Daniel the highest-paid backup quarterback in the league with a three-year, $21 million deal.

Money aside, Wentz is the obviously the quarterback of the future in Philly, but Pederson clearly doesn’t want to rush things, something he’s emphasized since Day 1 with Wentz. Shortly after Wentz was drafted with the No. 2 overall pick, Pederson insisted that Bradford was still the starter in Philly.

If Wentz is on the bench in Week 1, it will mark only the second time since 2007 that a quarterback drafted in the top-5 didn’t start in Week 1.

The only other two quarterbacks to spend their opener on the bench were JaMarcus Russell in 2007 and Blake Bortles in 2014. Eagles fans should probably hope that Wentz turns out more like the latter and not the former.

Anyway, the biggest downside to Wentz being on the inactive list in Week 1 is that it probably means there will be zero people in North Dakota watching the Eagles game. The state is so “Carson Crazy” that his jersey was the only thing a local sporting goods store was selling a month after the draft.

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