By Annie Ross

Could there be a Sam Bradford-Mark Sanchez reunion?

The Eagles apparently have opened negotiations by taking a hard line.

Mike Klis of Denver’s 9News.com reports, citing a “prominent NFL source,” that the Broncos reached out to the Eagles about a trade for Bradford, and that the asking price was too high.

It’s important to note that the Eagles didn’t laugh and hang up the phone. They articulated a price. It was just too much.

So what’s the best way to force the price down? Back Philly into a corner by taking the fight public, perhaps.

The question becomes whether the Eagles will stay on the high road, or whether they’ll resort to the low road, too. It may not be the smoothest way to head into the 2016 season, but it may be the best way to remind everyone in the locker room that the days of getting a one-way ticket out of town by not “buying in” are over.

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