By Peter Gleason

You think Eagles Supreme Leader Chip Kelly is done screwing around with the Eagles’ roster?

Half of Eagles Nation has its hair on fire about losing Jeremy Maclin, Shady McCoy and even the old and damaged Todd Herremans.

The draft is still eight days away, so there is still plenty of time for Kelly to:

Pull the trigger and trade for Johnny Manziel!

Check out Anthony Sharp’s logic from Grantland.com:

The only move in Chip’s hair-on-fire, buck-naked-in-the-coach’s-office, huffing-ether-for-eight-weeks-straight offseason that still doesn’t make sense is the Sam Bradford trade. Bradford is the glitch in this program. There’s not a chance in hell he stays healthy for 16 games, and even if he does, what are you really building if Bradford is the foundation?

It’s time to fix the glitch.

Coach Elon Musk deserves better than Sam Bradford.

Manziel is out of rehab now, it looks like he is committed to taking football seriously, and if he were ever going to succeed anywhere in the NFL, it would be with Chip and this Eagles offense. Why waste time trading away 15 picks for Marcus Mariota when you can get basically the same quarterback for 10 cents on the dollar from Cleveland?

Five years of sports have been building toward Tebow, Manziel, and Chip locking arms in the City of Brotherly Love. Also, did I mention that trading Bradford to the Browns means Eagles fans don’t have to watch him get hurt five weeks into the season? And what about how Manziel is the perfect quarterback to run Chip’s scheme? We should be rooting for this move because it would be the funniest thing ever, but it’s also just crazy enough to work.

Chip Kelly stared down into the volcano of takes, and rather than slowly back away, he did a swan dive to the bottom. Now it’s time for an eruption. Chip can burst out of the mountain, surfing on hot lava all the way to the playoffs, with an H-back from heaven and a quarterback who was put on this earth to play in this offense.

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