By Peter Gleason

The Eagles famously traded back from the 6 spot to 12 in next week’s NFL draft.

They deserve credit for gaining another No. 1 pick from the Dolphins in the 2022 draft.

But by doing so they also eliminated any possibility of taking a once-in-a-generation tight end in Kyle Pitts.

Which, considering Zach Ertz seems on his way out, may be a big mistake.

As the Washington Post points out:

Kyle Pitts needed only two minutes to prove he had become what someone once told him he would never be. In five plays that spanned the middle of Florida’s season-opening win over Mississippi last year, the all-American tight end displayed the breadth of his versatility, lining up across the formation to have a hand in three first downs and a pair of touchdowns.

He blocked a defensive end off the line to help secure a first down on a quarterback run, flexed out wide to overpower a cornerback on a hitch route, shifted back in-line to tack on a 19-yard catch, switched to the other side for a touchdown grab in double coverage, then split two defenders for a 71-yard score up the middle.

“He’s kind of like a unicorn, and the only way you can defend a unicorn is with another unicorn,” Florida Coach Dan Mullen said. “So if you don’t have a unicorn on defense, you got a problem.”

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