By Ben Sullivan

Even though he was summarily fired with one game left in the 2015 Eagles season, coach Chip Kelly was as proud as a dad with the Eagles’ Super Bowl win last month.

Kelly, who is now the coach at UCLA, told Les Bowen of Philly.com that he’s “really happy for them” and especially happy for Nick Foles, who starred at quarterback for Kelly in 2013 before his career went off track for a few years.

“Credit to Nick, because he’d been through so much,” Kelly said. “The cool part is, I think you knew on the first series just how calm, cool, and collected he was; the moment was not too big. He’s a special person, in so many ways. For him to finally win something like that is awesome. … It was just vintage Nick Foles. Kind of stayed in the moment and played football. There’s not a better person that I’ve had an opportunity to spend time with than Nick … It was a special year for him, a special year for that team, and a special year for the city. That’s awesome.”

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