By Steve Kelly

The Eagles brought quarterback Nick Foles back in 2017 to back up Carson Wentz.

When Wentz went down with an injury, Foles turned in a great playoff run that ended in a Super Bowl MVP award and turned that into a huge contract.

Now, the Jacksonville Jaguars are regretting their decision to sign Foles to a four-year, $88 million deal.

If you win a team’s first Super Bowl in franchise history and they choose an injury prone player who never started a playoff game, then something is wrong. The Eagles knew that Foles’ run was like catching lightning in a bottle and this was not the player he is. Jacksonville was fooled and the Chicago Bears cannot allow themselves to buy in.

Jacksonville made a poor deal. That is why they are an inept franchise and will be for the foreseeable future. Foles suffered an injury in Week 1 and was replaced by rookie Gardner Minshew. When Foles returned from his injury, it did not take long for him to go to the bench.

It is no secret that Mitchell Trubisky had a terrible season in 2019. He threw for 3,138 yards with 17 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. The Trubisky era should not be given up on so easily, especially when looking at the Bears’ situation. They traded their No. 1 running back Jordan Howard and the offensive line suffered a ton of injuries. Matt Nagy got the best out of Trubisky in 2018 and that is what he will have to return to.

For Chicago, bringing in a player like Foles who has a massive contract does not make a lick of sense. On the other hand, if Jacksonville finds a taker, they should dump Foles without hesitation. The Jaguars have a potential out in 2021. This would leave them with $12.5 million in dead cap. If they keep Foles, he will carry a $26.88 cap hit in 2021. Jacksonville needs to play Minshew in 2020 and see what they have. Unfortunately, they already know what they have in Foles and it is not good.

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