By Peter Gleason

Fox Radio’s Doug Gottlieb went off the deep end about the Eagles:

“I’m going to tell you right now that I would CUT Jalen Hurts… He’s not wrong for ‘thinking’ it, but he’s wrong for SAYING it.

“Maybe you give him a pass because he’s a rookie but I would not. This is not Jalen Hurts’ first rodeo with the quarterback circus.

“It undermines your head coach, and when you’re a rookie second-round pick, like what are you doing?? You weren’t even playing well!…

“Yes, I meant what I said. I would cut Jalen Hurts. I didn’t read any lip-reading from Carson Wentz, but he got pulled and wasn’t even active on Sunday – did anybody catch him on video saying ‘this is BS, this isn’t right’? So it’s okay for Carson to get benched, but not YOU to get benched??”