By Steve Kelly

The Eagles are perfecting the Nelson Agholor Dance!

Eagles coach Doug Pederson has demonstrated that woeful receiver Agholor, a first-round pick in 2015, could be in danger of spending extended stretches on the bench.

And yesterday offensive coordinator Frank Reich tiptoed around a fairly direct question about Agholor.

Is Agholor in the game plan this week?

“Yeah, we’re trying to get five receivers ready to play,” Reich told reporters. “So, honestly, you go into every game plan. . . . Weird things happen all the time.

“Ultimately [Pederson] makes a decision who is active, who is inactive. I honestly don’t know what that decision is going to be at this point, so in the meantime, we just get everybody ready to play.”

Regardless of whether Agholor ultimately is in the game plan, Reich praised the player’s attitude.

“I think Nelson’s attitude has been great, his effort has been great,” Reich said. “That’s been consistent honestly for a long time. Yeah, I think his attitude, practicing hard, has been good.”

Still, even though Agholor is doing all the right things (in Reich’s assessment), something isn’t right.

“He’s going through a rough time right now, and it’s real,” Agholor said. “You don’t want to de-emphasize it – it’s real. He feels it, we all feel it. But at the same time, you have to keep the perspective that the good players and the strong players are going to bounce out of it, just like we believe he will.”

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