By Lewis Gould

All the chatter on radio and among Sam Bradford haters like NJ.com’s Eliot Shorr-Parks was that the Eagles would be trading up from No. 8 in the draft to No. 1 so they could take a QB.

Even though they have two: Bradford (above) and Chase Daniel!

Despite re-signing Bradford to a two-year deal and paying a premium for Daniel in free agency, rumors still suggested the Eagles were smitten with the idea of trading up to number one, likely to grab Wentz.

The Eagles wouldn’t have had to pay as much to make the move as the Rams did yesterday, given that they were dealing from the eighth overall slot to the 15th pick, but that still would have cost them their 2017 first-round pick and one other premium selection.

That wouldn’t have made sense on a number of levels.

The Eagles are already missing their second-rounder from last year’s Bradford trade, so they need to hold onto the picks they have.

They could trade Bradford, but they would still owe $11 million in dead money for him on this year’s cap, and there would be a sparse trade market given that the Eagles would have virtually no leverage after trading up.

And with formerly deposed general manager Howie Boy Roseman back in control, the Eagles are more likely to treat draft picks as a precious commodity, given his previous history with the team versus Chip Kelly’s disastrous stint running player personnel.

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