By Max Harper

Here’s how CBS Sports is talking about new Eagles RB Saquon Barkley:

Barkley nearly reached 1,000 yards last season — which has become a real milestone in today’s NFL — but it came without much efficiency.

His 3.9 yards-per-carry average was the second-lowest for a full season the uber-talented runner has accomplished. Heck, in 2021, Barkley averaged a mere 3.7 yards per.

And today, that low of a YPC average will absolutely deter any club from running the football.

But, fortunately for Barkley, bouncing from New York to Philadelphia inside the NFC East means he goes from one of the worst, more porous offensive lines with essentially no continuity to one of the finest blocking collectives in football.

Sure, no Jason Kelce will probably lead to some growing pains inside to begin the season, but the Eagles prudently prepared for the post-Kelce era — Cam Jurgens should be able to do many of the same things Kelce did on the move from the center position.

Last year, D’Andre Swift averaged 4.6 yards per and all of the Eagles reserve runners were over 4.2 yards per.

And, vitally, Barkley isn’t technically “old” by NFL running back standards in that he still hasn’t hit the dreaded age-28 season yet.

Philadelphia is going to want to run it with Barkley and Jalen Hurts.

Often. I expect well over 1,000 yards for Saquon at well north of 4.0 yards per tote in 2024.

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