By Peter Gleason

Former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan was on WIP yesterday and tried to explain why the obvious cheap shot on Eagles QB Carson Wentz by Seattle’s Jadeveon Clowney wasn’t penalized.

See if you can follow the logic:

“Here’s the thing about it … he’s not a defenseless player because he’s not catching a pass. He’s a runner, so he doesn’t have the roughing the passer protection. You go down the list of stuff (that constitutes) unnecessary roughness – it wasn’t a leg whip, it’s not out of bounds, he’s not blocking someone out of bounds. His forward progress had not been stopped and he had not slid feet first. He was not on the ground. The next one is unnecessary running, diving, swinging your body against a player who is not anticipating contact. That’s the kind of stuff I used to do when I was on the other side of the field.

“The only (rule infraction) you can get in there is using any part of the player’s helmet or facemask, to ram, butt, or spear an opponent. Note this provision does not prohibit incidental contact by the face mask or helmet in the course of a conventional tackle. So when you go back and look back at this play, it’s really, really close. Carson’s elbow is still off the ground as Clowney’s arm – the first thing that contacts Wentz is Clowney’s arm, to his hip and lower back area. Then his shoulder rolls in and the helmet goes in.”

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