By Max Harper

We’re only two weeks into the 2023 season, but NBC Sports pro football czar Peter King shows that even a 40-year-vet is vulnerable to fall for the shiny new object:

1. Dallas (2-0). The offense is mostly on fire, and the D has allowed 10 points in eight quarters. BTW: I covered the Giants for four prime Lawrence Taylor seasons. Micah Parsons is the closest thing I’ve seen to Taylor in terms of being able to collapse the pocket with a bull-rush and turnstile a tackle with unblockable speed.

2. San Francisco (2-0). Flip a coin for Niners or Eagles as number two. San Francisco’s got an efficient quarterback, a team of offensive weapons as good as any team has, and a brutish defense. What a difference Christian McCaffrey makes. Plus, two big road wins to start.

3. Philadelphia (2-0). I chortled at an Eagle-fan friend who was verbally wringing his hands to me Friday. Told him his team is running it great, has a top-five quarterback who will soon strafe foes, has young road-graders on the defensive front who are the envy of the league, and has the best 1-to-53 roster in football. What’s to worry about, other than holding off Dallas in the NFC East?

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