By Barbara Harrison

Nobody wants to know more than Sam Bradford what Chip Kelly has in store for him.

And Monday, after the Eagles OTA, Bradford said:

“That is a great question,” Bradford said. “If I knew, I would tell you. As long as it continues to feel good, we’re doing the right thing.”

Bradford took another step forward on Monday, warming up with the rest of the team at the start of practice, something he hasn’t been able to do since the team started OTAs.

“The last couple weeks have done really well,” Bradford told the assembled media. “As far as percentages, I don’t know, but I know the knee feels really good.”

From there, Bradford took part in seven-on-seven drills, another step in the right direction for the new Eagles quarterback. Bradford looked good during the drills, hitting tight end Zach Ertz down the middle of the field for a long touchdown.

“I’m doing some seven-on-seven now,” Bradford said. “I did a little last week. I did another set today. Just feels good to be out there playing football. As many routes on air that I’ve thrown the past few months, it’s nice to be out there wight he guys, getting a feel for the offense.”

Bradford said he didn’t know when he will take that next step.

“You have to ask (head coach Chip Kelly) and the training staff,” Bradford said. “Since I’ve been here we’ve talked about progression. I think this is the progression that we’ve put out there. The past couple weeks have gone exactly how we wanted them to. I think we are going to keep going with the plan.”

Following a rehab plan is nothing new to Bradford. Bradford has suffered three season ending injuries over the past six years, going back to a shoulder injury his final year at Oklahoma. For all of the injuries Bradford has suffered, especially to his knees, he did reveal that he has not lost any cartilage during either of his ACL tears.

“No, I did not,” Bradford said. “From talking to the doctors, they told me I was very lucky that there wasn’t a lot of trauma other than the ACL both times. Had there been more damage, you would be looking at a longer recovery time.”

For all of the talk about Bradford and his injured knees, he doesn’t show many signs of injury when he is out on the field. There is no limp in Bradford’s step, and during warmups, Bradford is able to cut (to some degree) on the injured knee.

“My body is trying to adjust back to game speed,” Bradford said. “There is only so much you can do when you are throwing against air. When you are out there actually running plays, it forces you to pick up the tempo a little bit. I think it’s been good actually pushing my knee like I have the past couple weeks.”

The only sign of injury on Bradford? The large knee brace he is wearing, and even that might soon be gone.

“When (head coach Jeff Fisher) got to St. Louis we all had to start playing with them, so I’ve played with them the past three years,” Bradford said. “To be honest, I don’t think they have really worked. But I’ll sit down the training staff here and we’ll have that discussion.”

The next key moment in Bradford’s recovery will be next week, when the team holds a mandatory three-day session. Ideally, Bradford will be out with the team, manning the first team offense.

Which brings us back to percentages, and how close Bradford is to taking that number up a little higher.

“The last couple weeks have done really well,” Bradford said. “As far as percentages, I don’t know, but I know the knee feels really good.”


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