By Michael Grimm

It’s become fashionable in the kiss-ass Philly media to rationalize the Eagles trade down from No. 6 in next month’s NFL draft to No.12.

That’s only six spots, and in a perfect world No. 12 would be fine.

But Howie Roseman is the general manager, and that means all bets are off.

Back in 2012, the Eagles entered the draft with a goal to draft Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin and they didn’t do it.

The Eagles’ plan was to draft Wilson with their third-round pick but he didn’t make it that far.

So in 2020, Roseman told NBCSP’s John Clark why the Eagles used their second-round pick this year on Jalen Hurts. They wanted the player and they weren’t going to miss out.

“In 2012, we had a vision,” Roseman said.

“We had a vision that we would draft a quarterback who’s been extremely successful, and I don’t want tampering charges on me but I think we can understand who that was, and then come back in the fourth round and draft a quarterback who won a world championship for us and go back-to-back.

“And I feel like we got a little cute. And I don’t know that there’s a big difference between taking the 53rd pick in the draft and taking a pick in the third round if you feel strongly about a guy.

When Roseman talks about getting cute back in 2012, this is what he means:

The Eagles thought Wilson was going to be there with the 88th overall pick. Their plan was to take him at 88 and then draft Nick Foles in the fourth round. But their plan was ruined when the Seahawks took Wilson at No. 75.

Here are the last decade’s worth of No. 12 picks:

2020 — WR Henry Ruggs
2019 — OLB Rashan Gary
2018 — DT Vita Vea
2017 — QB Deshaun Watson
2016 — DT Sheldon Rankins
2015 — DT Danny Shelton
2014 — CB Kyle Fuller
2013 — CB D.J. Hayden
2011 — QB Christian Ponder
2010 — RB Ryan Mathews

736 games played, 574 starts

Approximate Value: 367

13 Pro Bowl selections (Cox 6, Watson 3, Fuller 2, Rankins 1, Mathews 1)

2 All-Pro selections (Cox 1, Fuller 1)

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