The Lions zipped Matt Patricia (right) and Pederson will get the hook unless Eagles win their last four and make the playoffs.

By Michael Bennett

So, Eagles coach is blaming the “ugly side” of the business as a reason Howie Roseman left Malcolm Jenkins walk to the Saints.

Wonder if it ever occurred to Pederson that the “ugly side,” in this case the fans and the owner’s frustration with the coach’s job, will lead to his getting zipped:

“Listen, we have a lot of respect for Malcolm and we all know there are a lot of tough decisions that have to be made every year. Great players are going to come, great players are going to go.

Again, just goes back to I have a lot of respect for Malcolm, what he did for this organization. Obviously helped us win a championship.

And yet we do realize that sometimes the business side is the ugly side of what we do. Sometimes it’s unfortunate and good players, good people, coaches the same way, have to move on, and it’s just the way our business is.”

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