“I don’t necessarily need him in preseason. I need him ready for Week 1,” Eagles coach Doug Pederson said today about rehabbing QB Carson Wentz. “I think he can get the work done in practice, quite honestly.”

By Lewis Gould

Eagles QB Carson Wentz tore his ACL and LCL during a game Dec. 10 against the Los Angeles Rams.

“Probably not in the spring just because it’s too soon,” Pederson said . “So I wouldn’t expect any of that type of work in the spring.”

Pederson was asked if being “ahead of schedule” means that Wentz could return sooner than the 9-12 month time frame given for someone who tore two ligaments in his knee?

“It’s just benchmarks for him checking the boxes along the rehab process,” Pederson said. “We don’t put a timetable on it, that’s the thing. With injuries like this, we don’t do that. It’s like Sidney [Jones’] deal. We weren’t putting a timetable on that, either. We’ll put him out there when he’s ready.”

Pederson also said he would like veteran running back Darren Sproles to return. Sproles, who’ll turn 35 years old this summer, tore his ACL in a game against the Giants last Sept. 24.

“Yeah, heck yeah,” Pederson said. “He’s a big part of our team. Punt returner. He’s a tremendous back, third-down guy. We’ll see where it falls out. We’ve reached out to him during the free agent period and talked to him … He’s expressed that he wants to be back here. He knows that we want him back here.”

Pederson made it seem that if Sproles does return, it might not be until later this spring.

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