By Theodore N. Beitchman

Don’t you just love it when the Eagles’ trust fund owner, who has possessed the team for 23 years, preaches to the long-suffering fans that patience is the order of the day.

A reminder:

The Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since the 2008 season and they haven’t won an NFL title since 1960!

So, yes, Jeffrey Lurie, we will be patient.

But our patience with you is wearing thin.

Here’s what he said when he deigned to address the media yesterday for the first time in a year:

“Short-term solutions to get to 10-6 or whatever quickly with that quarterback are non-sustainable. You’ve got to draft well. You’ve got to have multiple drafts in a row, hopefully, where you’re surrounding that quarterback on all sides of the ball. That’s the formula. It’s not that complicated. It’s hard to accomplish, but it’s not that complicated.

“As an owner, I’ve got to be really patient and at the same time I’ve really competitive. We’ll make moves that make us better this year, however, we won’t make a move where it’s going to cost us flexibility or ability to use resources in future years because we’re in the mode where we’re not one player away. We have lots of holes. You’ve got to recognize that first. We have lots of holes and we have to draft really well over the next few years to accomplish what we want to accomplish early on in Carson’s career.”

In other words:

Hey, get off my back!

I’ve got nothing against trust funders — people who have inherited everything they have in life — but I am wary of people who were born on third and think they have hit a triple.

That’s Jeffrey Lurie, who bought the Eagles with a $185 million check in 1994 that had to be co-signed by his mother.

Just like that other high-profile trust-funder, Donald J. Trump, who inherited his business from his father and now claims to be a billionaire.

He may be, but since he has never proven that by disclosing his tax returns — like every other U. S. president in my lifetime — we’ll never know for sure.

He’s preaching patience too since his young presidency has gotten off to the worst start in recorded history.

Lurie has made one great personnel move in 23 years — hiring Andy Reid, Brett Favre’s quarterback coach, to run the Eagles. Every other major move has been a failure — Joe Banner, Chip Kelly and Howie Boy Roseman.

Trump lies with every breath he takes, and he has surrounded himself with government wannabes for whom the White House is an experiment.

Lurie and Trump:

Two trust funders in a pod.





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