Jordan Matthews:Instead of just running routes, he’s more aware of how to release a guy and how to get open.”

By Mary Cunningham

Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur met with the media yesterday at the NovaCare complex and touched on a whole host of topics:

How Eagles’ could use Tim Tebow this season:

“There’s pretty good evidence of what Tim can do. I saw a game on the SEC Network … They had a bowl game. Florida playing Michigan. It was 2000. Lloyd Carr’s last game. They’re in empty and Tim just gets the crap kicked out of him but he’s making plays. He’s throwing to Percy Harvin for a touchdown. All of this crazy stuff.

“What Tim can do is on tape. I don’t think we’re hiding anything. We can do with Tim, technically what we can do with the other quarterbacks. From a scheme standpoint, there’s not much difference.”

Nelson Agholor continues to impress:

“Nelson’s been good. He’s made steady improvements. We talked about this before … You come off the draft parade and you’re thrown into train when you’re probably not as ready as someone who’s been here before … He’s one of those guys that makes you say ‘wow, what a big difference now as compared to then,’ kind of like we thought.

DeMarco Murray and his limited reps in practice

“We have a strong, good feeling about what he’s doing. He was out there … The last couple days he’s been able to execute our basic runs and display a running style that fits what we want to do. He’s a guy that’s got very good vision. I think when you have good vision, you know when it’s time to hit the hole, or do something else. That can also be said about Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles.

“He’s in there working. We’re going to have that question later in the year … ‘how come he isn’t out there all the time?’ Some of his work comes during the drill work where we’re getting as explosive running there as we do in team. We’re happy where he’s at.”

Jordan Matthews’ progress from last season:

“I think behind the scenes is where you see it more. Instead of just running routes, he’s more aware of how to release a guy and how to get open. That’s what you get from a guy in his second year … That’s what we’re seeing from Jordan. I think he’s got to worry about improving on the production he got [last year]. Production comes down to when we throw it to you, make a play. We’re trying to build on what we do and we expect him to just improve on what he did a year ago.”

Trying to get Darren Sproles the football more often:

“We’d like to get Darren Sproles the ball steadily and consistently this year. We have a plan to do that. We have to find that smooth mix between DeMarco [Murray], Ryan [Mathews] and Darren [Sproles]. There’s nothing that says we can’t get them all in there at the same time. ”

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